Tight butt… want one? I'm going to give you 2 easy exercises for a firm butt.

Tight butt exercise #1: Deep Squats

toughest-butt-exercises-everThis is probably the best butt exercise you can do.

Because the gluteus maximus is the biggest and most superficial of the 3 butt muscles… and makes up the largest portion of the shape and appearance of your butt…. the squat is the perfect exercise to build up the butt since it targets the biggest underlying muscle (the gluteus maximus).

Now, if you're worried about getting bigger thighs while trying to get a tight butt in jeans look, then you don't want to make the mistake of doing a shallow squat. You need to do a deep squat.

Stand with your feet about hip-width apart. Now, squat down while keeping your back straight and abs in. Squat down so that your upper legs go below parallel to the ground. The deeper you go, the more it targets your butt.
So squat your butt down as close to the ground as possible. It's harder to do, but very much worth the extra effort.

For best results, do 5-8 sets of 8-15 reps. Rest 1 minute between sets.


Tight butt exercise #2: Step Ups

To do this, you simply put 1 foot on a platform or bench and push through the heel onto the platform. The key to this is to use a platform that is high enough. You can use dumbbells and hold them in your hands as you do this or use a barbell and put it across your shoulders.

Make sure to concentrate all of your weight on the leg that is stepping. Ideally, do 4 sets of 10 reps with each leg.

Both exercises combined will take you about 15 minutes. Done 2-3 times a week, you'll soon have quite the tight butt in jeans.

So there you go. For a Jessica Alba butt, pretty much all you need to do are the 2 above exercises. In 3-5 weeks, you'll have a tight butt… or at least you'll have a butt that is a lot more firm than it is today.

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