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It is not a big surprise or magic to drop 15Lbs of fat in less than 3 weeks. Calorie shifting technique, one of the recent innovations of dieticians is the method we are going to handle in this article. Here you will get lots of tips to drop pounds in week's time and trim your belly fat with natural foods.

Plan One

Your first plan in this weight loss program will be to avoid all the unnatural products. You will stop taking diet pills, if you are using it to lose weight. The negative side of the diet pills cannot be explained in words. These pills completely put an end to raising metabolism and increasing fat burning hormones. To drop 15Lbs of fat in less than 3 weeks, you also evade tinned foods recommended for weight loss.

The important thing in this plan is keeping away from faded foods. Faded foods such as heavy cheese contained pizzas, bad fat fast foods and other oily substances are enemies of metabolism. They do maximum trouble to your metabolism, if taken regularly spoiling the function of metabolism. This cause reverse effect and the fat do not melt instead increase. So, through the plan 1, you stay away from faded foods, stick to natural foods and increase metabolism.

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Plan Two

What are these natural products?

These are the products that are in your own kitchen. Healthy dhal, wholesome grains, pulses, oat meal, corn, fruits & vegetables are some of the good products that are used in this weight loss program. You can drop 15Lbs of fat in less than 3 weeks even if you are not exercising and taking only these naturally made foods. Your breakfast should have good amount of proteins & carbohydrates. Since, you are taking food after 12 hours; it should have good nutritional value to burn the fat and increase metabolism.

In the calorie shifting diet method, you will be following 4 delicious, nutritious meals. The 4 meal will contain different calories. You will be increasing calorie level in your lunch, to give sudden surprise to it. This shifting calorie is done to rapidly increase the metabolism. So, shifting calorie technique will also increases fat burning hormones melting the fat permanently. The weight lost through this method is highly preferred, as you will not regain the lost weight any more and stay with permanent result.

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