close This video is about which toxic foods to avoid with kidney disease. The tips can be used with any type of kidney disease to reduce the stress on their renal organs and slow down the disease progress. Part of a healthy kidney disease diet is to avoid the foods covered in the video which are flavored waters, dark sodas, colas, deli meats, oysters, and sardines. The reason these 6 foods are toxic to the kidney is because they have high levels of phosphorus that the kidney has to process out of the body. This phosphorus further destroys renal cells and should not be included in the diet.

You can view other videos on this channel that has good health kidney disease diet foods to avoid and renal diet foods to include. Let's not forget water as the preferred beverage anyone with kidney disease should be having more of and less colas.

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Clicking the link will take you to learn more about foods and supplement that are for a kidney diet and having better kidney health. If you have kidney problems you can't take the situation lightly. You options are take control of your healthy by following a proper diet and taking the RIGHT nutritional supplements. This will help you avoid kidney failure and dialysis.


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