Becoming Breatharian is as easy as relaxing an giving up the old coocoon you've been Clinging to your entire life. It is so fucking brave to get off the wheel of death an give up feeding a bottomless pit of sorrow. To feed ourselves is serving the wrong purpose of what we came here to become in this life.
We were meant to be FREE, & to explore the Garden of this Planet like children in wonderment. When we loose flexibility an become more rigid an our diet is Toxic to us. Then we become the walking dead, yes we all have slipt off the wheel of perfection to enjoy the deadly life of feeding a desire body that activly moment by moment continues the cycle of suffering because of IGNORANCE. Meditation can be the only thing that can save this world of citizens, we must all be taught to go into our heart space an connect to our conciousness an the universal conciousness.

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