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Female Body Image – How to Lose Weight After 40 with these 3 Secrets

There is a myth that says that it is harder to lose weight after 40. And sometimes our reaction to this is just to give up and resign ourselves to a body image that we do not love. It is only a myth. On the other hand, what we get is the results of our beliefs. So, if we think having a lovable body image after 40 is hard, then sure enough it will be hard. Recently after turning 44 and having had two children in my 40's, I have found some secrets on how to lose weight after 40. Are you interested in reading them?

#1 Accept yourself just the way you are

We sometimes deny our reality because we do not like it. It is best to accept it, acknowledge it, and then get to work on it. When you accept where you are, and love yourself just as you are, then you can take control of it. Remember also, you are not your body. Your existence goes beyond your body.

#2 Take baby steps

Don't expect to lose all the weight in a week or a month. You took a long time to put all the weight on, so why do you expect to lose it all in a week. The slower you lose weight, the longer you will keep it off. This is about a permanent lifestyle change rather than a quick temporary change. Even if you do not diet, just loving your body, will help you to look after it.

#3 Love yourself

If you accept yourself then you can start loving yourself This is crucial If you love yourself you will change all negative talk about yourself into positive talk and that will go a long way to achieve results. Apply the the insights of this Numerology Report like I did. Think what you want to attract. Do not say “I want to lose weight”, rather say “I want to be healthy and slim”. Remember, what you think, you attract. Besides if you love yourself you can take the time to look after your body; time to exercise, time to drink lots of water and time to prepare healthy foods for yourself.

So to summarize, accept yourself just as you are, take baby steps, love yourself and apply the law of attraction to your health. You will soon achieve your goal.

I struggled with my body image since I was 6. My mom put me on diet at 6. And to top it up, I was the only one of three sisters with weight problems. In my teen years I tried every possible diet, and in my adulthood also. I used pills, exercise, vitamins, starving myself, fruit diets, you name it. I would lose weight, be happy with my body image and then put it back again. When I was slim, I was happy but I was always obsessed with what I ate. When I was a bit overweight I hated my body image, and I was obsessed to lose weight. But the truth is that each time I lost weight it was only because I did a commitment to myself. Now at 44 I discovered a new way to learn to love my body image through this amazing Numerology Report you can get here.

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