A simple recipe for cleaning the colon as U prepare for the Breatharian Transitional diet of eating air. The Lemon & Sea Salt act like a internal bath an help to rid of Mucous & Stuff from the walls of the colon. Fasting is great!!
The ratio of sea salt is about 1 teaspoon, try the salinity if it is on the edge of being to salty to drink then u got the ratio right. U want the saltiness to be strong but not over bearing. U are not trying to vomit, if U were then u want it really strong. The salt opens up the sphinqters of the stomach an douedeinum & cause a emergency reaction to the colon an the colon just wants to dump its contents…. Be near a toilet or out in nature where u can go to bathroom IMMEDIATELY, as that is how the urge maybe.

Be well Breatharians. Yogi Zen COme for a YogaDetox for a few days or longer. Sliding scale for all. We are locatcated in San DIego mtns.808 419 4121 Direct


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