So today I am going to be talking to you about the Venus Factor and how you can lose weight fast and really quick which is really just in time for summer and I know if you’re like me we all would like to lose a little extra weight.

I have been doing this exercise and diet routine called the Venus Factor for a couple of months now and really have felt great for the past month and oh my gosh, I have seen amazing transitions and I have lost 20 pounds. That’s a lot even though you guys may not be thinking that’s not. I started out at 165lbs and I’m now 145lb and it feels amazing.


I personally am so proud of myself and I so just want to share with you guys my tips using the Venus Factor system because I think that I now have a pretty structured routine on how I have done this and I know it has worked for a bunch of other people also. It’s not just something set a stone and it’s actually very generic and will help all you guys as well.

So I guess I will start from the beginning. It all kind of started at the end of last summer, I was really noticing that my body wasn’t the way I wanted it to be and I never really had any issues. I am always a really confident person and I would see myself in pictures and I will be like that’s not what I look like. Is it like? No, no, that’s not what I look like. I was kind of in denial that I was overweight. I wasn’t that overweight but I was on the bigger side. I am an athlete. I am 5’8’’. I weigh 165, and I was eating crap. I still was working out. I had baseball two nights a week and I was on a team as well. So like that just goes to show how bad I was eating. So basically what happened is I noticed and I didn’t really take action until the beginning of December when my basketball season started. I was like I am going to be working every day for basketball. I am going to make this actually count.

So what I did is completely tried eating healthy. At that point, I really didn’t know what was healthy and what wasn’t healthy and what I was doing to my body and I really didn’t see all that much results because I just wasn’t eating what was good for me. I was eating a lot of dairy, like a lot of dairy. I have now completely cut out dairy.

I was eating three Chobani coconut yogurt’s a day with coconut and so that’s already like a 100% of my saturated fat that I can eat for a day, on top of it with granola. I am sorry but that is not healthy. I justified eating three of those per day. I have always loved fruit and just eaten like a ton of fruits. So that part really wasn’t difficult for me but the rest kind of was. I had a really hard time cutting out candy and junk food and it was just not good. So around January, I started getting into smoothies, trading out a meal with smoothie and that actually really helped.

 I feel like breaking down your foods into smoothie, something that you can drink is way better than eating whole fruit. For me, it’s just a little bit easier to digest. I am not saying if you just cut out one meal and have a smoothie, that’s not going to change a lot but it definitely does have an impact. It does make me feel better, makes my stomach feel a lot less bloated also.

So around probably around January I tried Skinny 23 Teatox and I saw such a huge difference with my overall body look and feel. Here are a few of my progress pictures. I saw such a huge difference like just in my bloating alone. It also gave me a definite boost in energy and I felt great all day long with no loss of energy. So by drinking that Skinny 23 Detox Tea, yes I think it did wonders to helping me detoxify my body. So if you guys are looking for a good detox, definitely check out Skinny 23 Detox Tea here.

So probably February, I started realizing what I need to do to lose weight actually and make my diet healthy. So what I did was I started looking into vegan, high carb, and low fat diets. Now before you guys say oh my God, she is a vegan. She is trying to persuade us to be vegans. No, no, no I’m not a vegan. I have already had a chicken today. So if you are vegan, sorry. But I am not a vegan at all. I love meat. I just cut out some types of meat. I cut out red meat because obviously pretty fatty. It’s not good for you at all.

I also cut out all dairy products. I do not eat cheese, I do not eat milk and I don’t eat yogurt. You guys think about it, milk is obviously made by cows and the cows are giving it to their babies to drink it to help them grow. It’s essentially the same thing for humans when you consume dairy products. It’s like a growth kind of thing and it contains fat. If you are trying to lose weight, why would you have dairy which is supposed to make you grow. It does have a lot of protein and whatever but I have seen oh my God, the biggest difference ever by cutting out dairy. I was eating a lot of it but after cutting out dairy, it’s like huge difference, so big.

I cut out dairy, bread and meat. I cut out bread. Bread is a no. Do not eat bread. Please, don’t it’s really hard to digest and breakdown in your body system. I find myself really bloated when I have Venus Factor Reviewbread and I just cut it out. I also cut out salty foods, processed foods like chips. I do eat protein bars once in a while but that’s when I am craving like a candy or something. If I am craving chocolate, I either eat chocolate covered almonds, which are quite fattening with saturated fat, but if you have them in moderation, you are all good and also protein bars.

I am a big fan of eating in moderation and if I’m craving it I just have a little bit. That’s something that I’m very big into and I really support that. So I started by just cutting out simple things. And just drinking a ton of water and so my diet started to become better. I know that diet is a huge part of getting in shape but you also need to work out. So once my season ended, I actually started to do at home fit workouts with Fitness Blender and they are amazing. I love them. They are pretty hard, but they have made such a big difference. They really made such a huge difference on my body and after a week of just doing them, I could just see a bunch of my stomach like fat was already burned off. For me 40 minutes a day, and that made the biggest difference in the world and I totally recommend HITT Workouts and HITT Cardio. You can do a HITT Cardio workouts, HITT Abs, HITT Butts, HITT Legs and Arms. You can do any of the HITT workouts and basically what HITT is, is a high intensity interval training workouts.

What it does is you just do something for 30 seconds full speed as hard as you can and then you get a number of seconds rest and then you do it again. It’s like an interval kind of thing. You can do these workouts at home, which is amazing because it doesn’t matter the weather, it doesn’t matter if you want to drive to the gym, you literally just go down, stairs into your room or anywhere and you click on the computer, you watch a hit workout, you do it. It is not that hard. You cannot have any excuses and that’s another thing that I actually love about hit workouts.

I also recently maybe like a month ago, download an app on my phone which is called myfitnespal. What you do is you plug in kind of your goals. So say you want to lose a pound a week which is what’s recommended. You plug in your activeness what you do if you are very active, moderately active, bla, bla, bla. You plug in your weight, your height, your age, your gender and basically it comes up with amount of calories that you can eat per day just to lose a certain amount of weight. So you can put in your target weight goal and how much you weigh and then you will come out with the amount of calories you can eat to reach that goal. Also it’s just the same you are going to lose that weight by not working out. So you can work out as much as you want or as little as you want so this was just another way that this helped me. I don’t know if this will help you guys but for me it was the fact that I actually have to plug in something to my phone and write it down and see that I ate and see all the calories and see how much fat and all of that information. So If I see that, and I’m about to put this 500 calories of cheese cake into my body I’m going to be like oh no. Never mind I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to take away that many calories. It just in my head. Why don’t you save those calories or something tonight? It kind of makes me rethink what I am about to eat.

So basically now to recap everything, the Venus Factor Diet and Exercise system will teach you everything we talked about in this article and much, much more. I eat a high carbs, low fat diet. I do not eat vegan but what I do eat is high carb and low fat. If you are not eating a lot of fat, you are not going to be putting a lot fat into your body. People think carbs are going to make you fat, I eat so many carbs like not processed carbs, not processed foods. I eat it all naturally like raw fruits, veggies like beans all that kind of stuff and look at me. I am not fat. I recommend a high carb, low fat diet and for me it’s like the best diet ever because I haven’t been craving junk food, I haven’t been craving any of the stuff that I use to eat last year and I have really seen a huge difference and a difference in my body, difference in my energy, a difference in my skin like it all really does work together and it really helps you to live a healthier lifestyle.

I also workout, I try to work out four times or more a week. It kind of just depends on my mood for the day and I just choose the workout I want to do, I don’t have any plan, I just know I am going to do a HITT workout and then I can kind of target the areas that I want to target for that day. I would definitely recommend to download myfitnesspal app and use it. So it will help you so much. All of these things combined are going to give you such amazing results. I promise you because if you think about it, it’s just really easy way to see results like you don’t have to go to the gym everyday and you don’t have to diet so hard. You are having a high carb, low fat. Your body craves carbs… like do you get what I am saying. You are eating carbs, therefore you are not going to be craving a bunch of processed junk food crap. I also understand that you don’t have to focus on the scale because the scale doesn’t matter. All you have to focus on is how you look and how you feel. If you got your dream body and you weigh like 150 pounds, 160 pounds, if you weigh more than you wanted to, who cares. You have your dream body. You look amazing. Like it really doesn’t matter how much you weigh. So don’t obsess over that stuff.

I hope my weight loss journey has helped you, and I hope you try the Venus Factor Diet and Exercise system to so you can share your results with us.

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