Half Day Diet Review: What are my thoughts? Is it effective? Does science back what’s in the book? What do I like and dislike? As well as my recommendation! You’ll pretty much learn everything that is needed…I promise.

Half Day Diet is a pretty good diet guide. However, there are some other guides that I like a bit more. I have outlined those guides above so you can go and check out the reviews.

Some of the things that I like in a half day diet is that what they teach you in the guide is actually backed by science. This is big for me because I don’t really want to have a guide that scientifically doesn’t make sense. Some of the techniques like intermittent fasting and intermittent feasting are a few of the techniques that are discussed in this book. This is pretty much what the diet revolves around. If you were to go do some research about these techniques on Google you would find that there have been scientific studies done on these exact type of techniques. The studies have shown for them to be effective.

The book is only $20 which makes it one of the cheapest weight loss guides that I have reviewed. Most of the guides are going to be priced over $30. So for one to be priced $10 lower it Is nice.

The thing is though, Is that I feel like some of the books that I recommended above provide a lot more value. This is because a lot of them will come out with workout programs as well. This Half Day Diet only revolves around dieting. There is very minimal information about exercising and/or working out.

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