On today's episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Kelsey Lee shows you how to get thinner thighs in just over ten minutes! This workout will show you some of the best exercises for toning your quads and hamstrings and getting rid of some fat on your thighs! Please leave a comment and let us know what you thought!

Picking the right thigh exercises are important if you want to lose thigh fat. The secrets behind losing thigh fat is consistency. Pick the exercises that you are happy with and start doing them on a regular basis. The rewards will come.

Walking is a great exercise for burning calories and for toning up those legs. If you want faster results then you need to make your walking more difficult. This could mean walking at a fast pace, walking uphill, or carrying a little weight in a backpack. Walking involves all the muscles in your lower body. So the harder you make your walks, the harder the muscles will need to work, and the more calories you will burn.

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Squats are one of the best thigh exercises you can do. There are 2 ways of doing squats. First you can do them with a weight on your back, or you can do free squats which involve just your body weight. Squats will not only allow you to lose thigh fat, they will also have an impact on fat loss in upper body areas. Squats are not an easy exercise, as they can be tiring. However this is the main reason as to why they can be so productive.

Cycling is another great exercise for losing thigh fat. Cycling targets your entire lower body. The key here is consistency. Try to cycle 4-5 times a week. Do it on a stationary bike at home if you don't want to ride on the road.

Another great thigh exercise is using a rowing machine. This method will hit all areas of your body, as well as providing cardio and heart benefits. Try to focus on your legs when rowing and make sure that you get a full range of movement with your legs.

If you really want to lose thigh fat in the quickest possible time try using a stepper. A stepper is a great piece of equipment for shaping your legs and burning calories. A stepper will mimc walking up a hill, and involves the use of your entire lower body. It can be tough, especially if you do it for extended periods of time, but you can get some pretty great results with this.

Women naturally tend to store more fat on their lower bodies than men. However this doesn't mean that women can't reverse this situations. It is just a question of picking the right thigh exercise that will enable you to lose thigh fat. Again the key is consistency, so don't give up.

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