I'm not exactly sure what it is but just about everyone these days is interested in getting really nicely defined abdominal muscles. It could be because of the media culture that we live in or perhaps it's because 6 or even 8 pack abs are are really pleasant to look at. Whatever the reason, chances are good that if you are reading this article you too want to know how to get ripped abs.LOVE-YOUR-BODY

Your abdominal muscles consist primarily of three different muscle groups: upper abs, lower abs, and obliques. Many fitness enthusiasts simply do not understand the basic concepts behind lower abdominal exercises and unfortunately waste much of their precious time doing ab routines that just don't work For example, you have likely tried doing sit ups, crunches, and leg lifts in the hopes of developing your abdominal muscles.


While recommended by fitness professionals and coaches the world over, sit ups, crunches, and leg lifts only really work the upper abdominal muscles. If you want to get 6 or even 8 pack abs then you are going to need to incorporate a few medicine ball exercises into your abdominal workout routine. Gyms have varying degrees of medicine balls some of which weigh as much as 25 pounds. For these exercises an 8-10 pound ball is recommended. Also, you should aim to do 8-10 sets of each exercise with 8-10 reps per set.

Knee Lifts – Lay flat on your back and place the medicine ball tightly between your knees. While still keeping your back firmly against the ground, raise your knees along with the medicine ball ¾ of the way towards your head and back down again for a total of 8-10 sets. Remember to keep your head and back firmly planted against the ground.

Upright Leg Raises – To do this exercise you will need a standing dip machine. A standing dip machine will allow you to remain upright and raise your legs at the same time. Once you have secured yourself in the dip machine place the medicine ball between your feet and lift your legs upwards until they reach a 90 degree angle with your body and then lower them back down again. If you are unable to locate a standing dip machine then you can lay down on your back instead of standing upright.

Medicine Ball Passes – Lay completely flat on the ground with your arms stretched behind your head and your legs pressed firmly against the ground. Place the medicine ball in your hands that are stretched behind your head and simultaneously raise your arms and legs towards one another and pass the ball from your hands to your feet while lowering your arms and legs back down to the ground. Then raise your legs and pass the ball back to your hands. Rinse and repeat.

Oblique Twists – Assume the same position you did for the knee lifts. Place the ball between your knees and twist your knees left and then to the right and back again. Alternatively, you can place the ball in your hand and with your knees in the upright position twist your body toward your left knee then your right knee and back again.
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